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Planetarium Manager is a free online football management game. In it, you're a football manager in control of your own team, competing in a fantasy league against other human or computer-controlled teams. Compete against your own friends to find out who's the best football manager!

The game never ends and never stops. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can login and check on your team whenever you want, and the game will keep on running even after you log off.

Planetarium Manager is available today in 35 different languages, and there are 66 different national leagues. There are also continental and international team competitions.

The objective of the game depends on the manager. It can be to get one or more players to a national team, to aim for league or cup glory, or simply to achieve stability in the league system by raising and training your players properly. You define your own objectives. However, we can say Planetarium Manager is all about starting up a team from scratch and ultimately managing the team to worldwide success.

It's your choice… are you ready to embrace this challenge and become the best manager in the Planet?

The Planetarium Manager team.


Planetarium Manager News

Welcome to the new season (47)

The website is now open, but there are still some updates running in the background. Don’t worry for example if your fixtures for this season are not visible yet. They’ll be visible as soon as the updates are finished. The same for Cup & International Competition fixtures: they will be generated during the day.

Remember that we’ll have Playoff matches to be played on Tuesday as well.

Good luck for this new season!
Sent at 1-9-2014 at 02:33

Greece wins the U21 World Cup!

We have a new U21 World Cup winner: Greece won the 23th PManager U21 World Cup , defeating Poland in penalties. It’s Greece’s first title ever in PM’s history.

Great work by the manager ksekarfotos21 and his team! We also congratulate Poland and their national team coach Świstak.
Sent at 2-7-2014 at 15:18

Confirmed new features for next season

We are very happy to announce the following new features for the beginning of the following season, to start in mid-June:

National Federations
- The limitation that prevents Federation President candidates to vote in themselves will be removed.

- We will introduce the possibility to fire assistant managers in National Teams.

Players and Training
- Players with 17 or 18 years old can be sent to the Youth Team. Up until today players could only be promoted from the Youth Teams. You will be able to call them up to play games and send them back to full training when you don’t need then in the squad.

- We will change the starting age of negative training. It will be changed to 28 years old instead of 27 as it is today. This means that the 31 years old mark for guaranteed training losses even if players play will also move to 32 years old. This also means that a 28 years old player with top professionalism can skip a training loss when they play. Regarding training losses, everything moves up 1 year.

We have more exciting new features being worked on but we cannot make the compromise to release them right at the beginning of the season. We will do our best though!

Have fun
Sent at 30-5-2014 at 11:32

New World Cup format starting next season

Starting next season, the World Cup format will change.

The new World Cup will still be played in the first 2 weeks of the off-season and 16 teams will (still) qualify for the final stage. It will have a group stage in the first week, with four groups of four teams. There will be 3 rounds with all teams playing against each other. 90 minutes matches where draws are possible. Games will be played on Mondays (first round), Wednesday (second round) and Friday (third and final round). All games at 20.00 PM-time. In case we have teams ending with the same amount of points, the normal PM rules for these cases will apply. In this group stage, teams will be seeded according to their position in the qualifying stage. This will result in a group with two second placed teams and all the other groups will have three first placed teams and one second placed team.

Two National Teams per group will the qualify for the Quarter-Finals that will take place in the second week of the off-season. The quarter-finals will be played with the first placed of group A playing against the second placed of group B and the first placed of group B against the second placed of group A.

The semi-finals will have a random draw. All games of the second stage (quarter-finals, semi-finals and final) will be played in a one-handed knock-out match. With extra-time in case of a draw at the end of the 90 minutes and a penalty shoot-out at the end of 120’ in case the draw persists.

Quarter-finals will be played on Monday, semi-finals on Wednesday and the final match on Friday. Games at 20.00 PM-time.

Over the next couple of weeks we will let you know the development plans of the next 6 months.

Sent at 14-4-2014 at 16:16

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