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Planetarium Manager is a free online football management game. In it, you're a football manager in control of your own team, competing in a fantasy league against other human or computer-controlled teams. Compete against your own friends to find out who's the best football manager!

The game never ends and never stops. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can login and check on your team whenever you want, and the game will keep on running even after you log off.

Planetarium Manager is available today in 35 different languages, and there are 66 different national leagues. There are also continental and international team competitions.

The objective of the game depends on the manager. It can be to get one or more players to a national team, to aim for league or cup glory, or simply to achieve stability in the league system by raising and training your players properly. You define your own objectives. However, we can say Planetarium Manager is all about starting up a team from scratch and ultimately managing the team to worldwide success.

It's your choice… are you ready to embrace this challenge and become the best manager in the Planet?

The Planetarium Manager team.


Planetarium Manager News

Federation Presidents to control the National League structure.

Starting today Federation Presidents can make changes to the league structures. All the changes they make will only take effect at the next season transition, if the rules of the system are respected at the time of the season change.

Hereby all the feature details:
- Federation Presidents (FPs) will be able to add & remove more divisions to the national league structure
- This can only be done/set before the new season starts and all the changes will be applied during the season change procedures.
- FPs can only remove an entire division. Due to the complexity of the current PM league structure (don´t forget playoffs) it´s not possible to allow a greater deal of flexibility.
- The only condition FPs have to remove a division is that the number of human teams in the division they want to remove must be available in the division immediately above. Example: if your D division has 5 human teams, there must be 5 bot teams in C. When we say bot, we say without a manager.
- In order to add a new division, the FP must have a 75% or more occupation rate in the country. This means that if a country has one division only, 8 or more human teams must exist. This means 38 human teams to create a C division, etc.
- All human teams in removed divisions will be automatically placed in available top divisions. The entire team/players/structures/etc is moved, not only the manager.

Federation Presidents can make the changes at the National Competitions federation option.
Sent at 25-2-2015 at 18:09

Welcome to the new season (49)

The website is now open, but there are still some updates running in the background. Don’t worry for example if your fixtures for this season are not visible yet. They’ll be visible as soon as the updates are finished. The same for Cup & International Competition fixtures: they will be generated during the day.

Remember that we’ll have Playoff matches to be played on Tuesday as well.

Good luck for this new season!
Sent at 2-2-2015 at 11:54

Italy U21 is World Champion again

After 14 NT seasons and more than 4 years, Italy is U21 World Champion for the third time in PM’s history.

They beat Greece in last Friday’s final in penalties after a very balanced game. We’d like to congratulate Italy’s manager lexistenz that has now his name in same hall of fame of some of the greatest PM managers. Congratulations also to Greece and his manager, ksekarfotos21, for their second consecutive time in a World Cup final.

Good luck for all U21 National Teams for the upcoming campaign.
Sent at 3-12-2014 at 16:38

PM’s 10th anniversary new features

We are happy to announce new features for the game!

Academy Branches
From now on, clubs can build Academy Branches in another countries. This essentially means that they get the chance to pull players of other nationalities. In order to do this, an academy branch, at a specific location (country) must be built. Here are the full details:
- Each academy branch costs a one-time fee of 200000€ and has a maintenance weekly fee of 15000€.
- They can be destroyed for a fee of 15000€.
- The construction time of a new academy branch is one week. The update is made daily at 6am (server time) meaning that if the final day is reached, the branch will only be ready at that time.
- You can have as many academy branches as you want.
- For each 4 academy branches you get to promote an additional player per season.
- Once you promote a new academy player, you can pick on which academy branch you want to promote.

National Federations
Federation Presidents have two additional features:
- Near the end of the season an election will be held to find out the next upcoming World Cup host. Only Presidents can vote. As in other elections spam is strictly forbidden.
- They can set the National Stadium for both main National Teams and U21 National Teams.

We expect to release more new features until the end of year.

Have fun!
Sent at 30-10-2014 at 18:07

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