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Planetarium Manager is a free online football management game. In it, you're a football manager in control of your own team, competing in a fantasy league against other human or computer-controlled teams. Compete against your own friends to find out who's the best football manager!

The game never ends and never stops. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can login and check on your team whenever you want, and the game will keep on running even after you log off.

Planetarium Manager is available today in 35 different languages, and there are 66 different national leagues. There are also continental and international team competitions.

The objective of the game depends on the manager. It can be to get one or more players to a national team, to aim for league or cup glory, or simply to achieve stability in the league system by raising and training your players properly. You define your own objectives. However, we can say Planetarium Manager is all about starting up a team from scratch and ultimately managing the team to worldwide success.

It's your choice… are you ready to embrace this challenge and become the best manager in the Planet?

The Planetarium Manager team.


Planetarium Manager News

PM is now eleven years old

We are very happy to announce that PM celebrates today its 11th anniversary! A very special date for us and for all you lovers of this very special game.

With this announcement we would also like to let you know our plans for the next 12 months. Our plans include the release of the new design (which is already being developed for some months) as well as the development of a mobile version of the website, along with an Android and iOS app. This is a very hard task but this is something that PM deserves!

We would like to, once again, thank you for your support over all these years. Be sure we’ll be around in the future to nurture the game!
Sent at 30-10-2015 at 09:51

Greece is the U21 World Champion

In its third final in four U21 World Cup editions, Greece has just grabbed its second title in PM history. They have defeated France in the final and made a perfect run in this final stage, with all wins and 0 conceded goals. Really great job by Greek manager satisfaction, his assistant and all the Greek community!

We would like to wish best of luck for all U21 managers for the upcoming edition.
Sent at 6-10-2015 at 10:24

Poland is the World Champion

Finally, one of the greatest PM nations ever, managed to get the most wanted title in PM: the World Cup for main national teams.

We want to congratulate the Polish manager - tsubasa85 - and all the community for this fantastic achievement for Poland. It’s really deserved for them and we are sure this will not be their last title!

Egypt also deserves a word of merit with another great run as its their second time in a final in the last 6 editions. They did not win this time but it seems they are closer than ever.

Good luck everyone for the new campaign!
Sent at 20-7-2015 at 09:48

Removal of Flash Tactics

Hi guys.

We have just replaced the Flash tactics / starting eleven picker and replaced it with an pure HTML selector. If you are not an expert in computers this probably means little for you. What this really means is that you can use it in mobile / tablets / phablets without having to use any tricks. This version is focused for higher resolution devices but once the PM mobile app is released somewhere around the end of this year, there will be an adjusted, more user friendly version for mobile devices. But, of course, this version works on mobile devices for now.

This release is made in two steps:
- This first stage only makes this available for those that had been using the Flash selector. Those using the old selector (mixed HTML + Flash) still have it for now.
- In 3 to 4 weeks, we will remove the old selector as well, making this version default for all users.

You can change between version in your preferences.
Please let us know any issues that you find on this release through the Bugs forum.

Now, what comes next you might ask?

Until the end of this year we will be focusing on two major things:
- Complete the implementation of the new PM design, presented in our forums. At this time we have some stuff completed already, but there’s still a while to go. The trickiest part is done (going from the design stage to have everything ready for coding. Also the adaptation of the main menu to the new design), now we’ll have to go page-by-page and adapt things individually for each page.
- Once this is ready, released and bug-free, we will move to develop a mobile-adapted PM website!! Once completed, it will be the base for the mobile PM apps.

As said, according to our schedule, we hope to have all this completed by the end of year, but things might be delayed or even be completed sooner than expected. It depends mostly on issues we might find along the way (these are very delicate operations).

Until then we count on your support for the further development of the game! It’s quite CHEAP, considering other games, we listen to our community as much as we can and we are always ready to help you on game experience. There’s one thing we have said many times but let us say it again: we will CONTINUE the development of this game, no matter what as we know it has a very dedicated fan-base. If this game had the potential to keep users playing the game for more than 10 years then there’s no reason for us to stop. We will adapt the game to the technologies that are used nowadays and move from than point on. That’s our plan, our vision! We hope that’s enough to keep you on board for the next 10 years

Sent at 8-6-2015 at 11:37

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