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Article >> I've paid through a Bank Transfer but I still don't have my PM Fan. Why?

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This may be due to several reasons.

First of all, it takes up to a week for the payment to reach our payment processor GlobalCollect. And then it takes a few days more for GlobalCollect to register the payment in their systems.If you paid more than 10 days ago, it could be that GlobalCollect could not match your payment to your order because some details (e.g. the payment reference) were missing or were incorrect.

Contact us by creating a PM Fan ticket and we will make a formal request to GlobalCollect to locate the payment and to update the order. The more information you provide, the easier it is for GlobalCollect to locate the payment. For example: the name of your bank, the name on the bank account you paid from, the amount paid, and the date of payment. You could even send us a screenshot or a scanned picture from your online bank statement, if possible.It could also be that you created several orders by mistake, and are now receiving reminders for the ones never paid.

You can check on open orders yourself in the PM Fan Information page, in the PM Fan menu.

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