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Article >> How to get free FS Fan with Gamersboost?

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What exactly is GB?
GB is a free independent service that provides to you (the gamers) a chance to earn PM Fan for free!

How exactly does it work?
Well, Gamersboost have advertisers who are really interested in you! So they are being placed under their site and are paying you (in a way) in order to join their sites/lists/shops/etc! Each of those advertisers and their sites are called Offers. So an offer would be an advertiser X and his site and the registration that is required. When you complete this offer (e.g. register on advertisers X site) you will earn some GB Points. With these Points you will be able to claim your free Membership. It is as simple as that!

I have completed enough points to get PM Fan. When do I get the service?
PM Fan through Gamersboost is activated at the end of each month.

Does PManager get paid by Gamersboost?
Yes it does, in the exact same amount. This is just another way to help you becoming PM Fan if you don't have the physical/financial means to become PM Fan in any other way.

These are a few things you should know about GB!
If you need more help about anything related with GB feel free to visit our forums or ask about it here. U can also find useful FAQS and Earning guides on our forums!

Have a great start and remember "Free Gaming is the BEST!"

Go now to , complete your registration and start earning your GB points!

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