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Article >> Logs into other accounts / Transfers from same IP

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The most common explanations given from blocked users to clarify logs into other accounts (friends, parents, colleagues, mates) are the following:

- My friend was in holiday for 10 days and He authorized me to log into his team to fix the starting eleven, trainings and to make some transfers.

- He's my brother, it's normal I've access to his team too. We're brothers!!!!

- My girlfriend had to close a transfer, she wanted to make a bid at last minute so she gave me the login data and I bought the player as per her instructions!

Well, just to let you know from these pages....logs into other accounts are never permitted. We'll block users logging into other accounts.

It's pretty common too that users sharing the same IP and PC close some transfers between their clubs. Well we strongly suggest to avoid transfers between clubs sharing same IP and/or PC. This generates suspects and often masks easy or hard forms of cheating.
There are many players on the market, is it really necessary to buy from a team sharing the same IP and PC?

Obviously staff members are always at your disposal for questions and suggestions in order to avoid misunderstandings in fact of cheating, multi-managing with or without transfers, logs into friend's account etc.etc.

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